Home Made Brownies :)

Hey hey my fellow readers and writers,

This weekend I baked my first batch of brownies, and dare I say it, it was not that bad. I baked my very own walnut dark chocolate brownies. By using the dark chocolate it makes it a bit healthier lol not that I was going for healthy.

For me personally the perfect brownie must be dark chocolate, moist and it must have some sort of nut in it. There is one bronwie that came close to what I was looking for but not yet there. So I am still on the hunt for the PERFECT brownie. If you know of a place (in Cape Town of course) please let me know, I will be sure to check it out.



This is True!

Many experts hail breakfast as “the most important meal of the day” for weight loss because it jump starts your metabolism, gives you energy for workouts, and prevents that famished feeling that can make you overeat calories later in the day. Before spooning, biting, or sipping that a.m. meal, avoid these mistakes that can leave…

via If You’re Trying to Lose Weight, Don’t Make These 10 Breakfast Mistakes — POPSUGAR Fitness

Retail Therapy?

Ever had a long week where you just wish for the weekend and that down time with your loved ones? Well welcome to my week where you live on coffee and eat out of a container that is not your own. Well there is nothing a little retail therapy can’t fix, especially  your favorites. I had some downtime taking in the beautiful sea admiring our landscapes, sipped on delicious gourmet coffee and splurged on some of my favorites of which includes MAC, Zara, and forever 21. We all need that few minutes to catch our breath and take in life.

Any BACON lovers out there?

If you are one of those people who will put bacon on everything and in everything this place is for you.

BACON ON BREE Find out More!!

And of course does the menu have the most insane names. Who wouldn’t be drawn to a sandwich called “The Harvey Specter”. Now if you are a big Suits lover like me you wouldn’t think twice and the best part is it taste amazing.  Bacon on Bree is one of those cute cozy and amazing food types of places. They do almost everything with bacon even the dessert, and lets not forget the tasty craft beers and wine.

In the mood for some bacon given Bacon on Bree a go.



Seaside or the City?

Have you ever been torne between living in the city or the seaside? I had the privilege to explore both. Llandudno has the most amazing views of the sea and the little town is a small and close community. I fell in love the moment I saw it. Each house has it own view of the beautiful see side and of course all the houses there are massive and gorgeous.

Even with all these things I will always be a city girl. You can take the girl out of the city but never take the city out of the girl. Hope you enjoyed this little post.

Stay tuned……

Have a wonderful evening xxxxxxx

ExPlOrInG aLl ThE wOnDeR tHaT iS mUiZeNbErG.

On Saturday I took a trip up to Muizenberg exploring Fish hoek,False bay and Simons Town. From Coffee to antics to discovering the perfect meal. It was truly ideal for one of those lazy days and of course the seaside does help.

If you ever find yourself in Fish Hoek drop in on a little place called The Trading Post. They have a little bit of everything and you will most definitely find a piece of your childhood in there.

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Hungry for some Breakfast?


Well there is a few places that I know have yummy breakfast, recently I have tried the eggs Benedict at Exclusive Books in the Waterfront, and if you are a big coffee lover like me well then you are in for a treat. I loved the atmosphere it is so calm and peaceful and well the view was just amazing.